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Russian Physicians from Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology have chosen a picture to illustrate an article published on concerning their latest paper,

Des physiciens russes de l’institut de physique et de technologie de Moscou ont choisi une de mes photos pour illustrer un résumé d’un de leur papier sur les ondes de Faraday publié sur

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Emergent quantization in a square box

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Goal of the experiment :

A walking droplet is placed in a square box, at the onset of Faraday thresold.

The trajectory of the droplet is mapped.
In the long time limit, does a self-interference pattern appear ? what’s its shape ? How does it relate to the square cavity surface wave eigen-modes ?

cf. experiment by Bush et al. : in a circular corral

wavelike Statistics

In short, we try to reproduce the experiment of Bush et al, but in a square box.


First result :

A walking droplet in a square cavity shows random motion, but with time, its trajectory is building a statistic reminiscent of the resonant mode of the cavity.

This can be seen by the naked eye in this movie excerpt :

This is then confirmed with optical tracking measurment of the trajectory :


Trajectory of the walking droplet

The position distribution (~probability density) is then computed :


Probabilty density


PDF Version of this résumé :

Emergent quantization of trajectories in a square box


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