ABSTRACT : “A droplet may ‘walk’ across the surface of a vertically vibrating bath of the same fluid, due to the propulsive interaction with its wave field. This hydrodynamic pilotwave system exhibits many dynamics previously believed to exist only in the quantum realm. Starting from first principles, we derive a discrete-time fluid model, whereby the bath–droplet interactions are modelled as instantaneous. By analysing the stability of the fixed points of the system, we explain the dynamics of a walking droplet and capture the quantisations for multiple-droplet interactions. Circular orbits in a harmonic potential are studied, and a double quantisation of chaotic trajectories is obtained through systematic statistical analysis.”

Durey, M., & Milewski, P. A. (2017). Faraday wave–droplet dynamics: discrete-time analysis. Journal of Fluid Mechanics821, 296-329.