Waveguides for walking droplets

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Filoux, B., Hubert, M., Schlagheck, P., & Vandewalle, N. (2015). Waveguides for walking droplets. arXiv preprint arXiv:1507.08228.

When gently placing a droplet onto a vertically vibrated bath, a drop can bounce permanently. Upon increasing the forcing acceleration, the droplet is propelled by the wave it generates and becomes a walker with a well de ned speed. We investigate the con nement of a walker in different rectangular cavities, used as waveguides for the Faraday waves emitted by successive droplet bounces. By studying the walker velocities, we discover that 1d con nement is optimal for narrow channels. We also propose an analogy with waveguide models based on the observation of the Faraday instability within the channels.



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Strings of droplets propelled by coherent waves

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Filoux, B., Hubert, M., & Vandewalle, N. (2015). Strings of droplets propelled by coherent waves. arXiv preprint arXiv:1504.00484.

Bouncing walking droplets possess fascinating properties due to their peculiar wave/particle interaction. In order to study such walkers in a 1d system, we considered the case of a few droplets in an annular cavity. We show that, in this geometry, they spontaneously form a string of synchronized bouncing droplets that share a common coherent wave propelling the group at a speed faster
than single walkers. The formation of this coherent wave and the collective droplet behaviors are captured by a model, which sheds a new light on droplet/wave interactions.


strings of droplets

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