Goal of the experiment :

A walking droplet is placed in a square box, at the onset of Faraday thresold.

The trajectory of the droplet is mapped.
In the long time limit, does a self-interference pattern appear ? what’s its shape ? How does it relate to the square cavity surface wave eigen-modes ?

cf. experiment by Bush et al. : in a circular corral

wavelike Statistics

In short, we try to reproduce the experiment of Bush et al, but in a square box.


First result :

A walking droplet in a square cavity shows random motion, but with time, its trajectory is building a statistic reminiscent of the resonant mode of the cavity.

This can be seen by the naked eye in this movie excerpt :

This is then confirmed with optical tracking measurment of the trajectory :


Trajectory of the walking droplet

The position distribution (~probability density) is then computed :


Probabilty density


PDF Version of this résumé :

Emergent quantization of trajectories in a square box