ABSTRACT : “When a droplet is placed onto a vertically vibrated bath, it can bouncewithout coalescing. Upon an increase of the forcing acceleration, the droplet is propelled by the wave it generates and becomes a walker with a well-defined speed.We investigate the confinement of a walker in different rectangular cavities, used as waveguides for the Faraday waves emitted by successive droplet bounces. By studying the walker velocities, we discover that one-dimensional confinement is optimal for narrow channels of width of D  1.5λF . Thereby, the walker follows a quasilinear path.We also propose an analogy with waveguide models based on the observation of the Faraday instability within the channels.”

Filoux, B., Hubert, M., Schlagheck, P., & Vandewalle, N. (2017). Walking droplets in linear channels. Physical Review Fluids2(1), 013601.